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Founded in 2020, Leah Morgan is a Boutique Creative Agency specialising in helping small businesses thrive online. Whether you’re a startup or have been around a few years, Leah Morgan offers a fresh and creative approach to your business and can help with everything from Web Design to Social Media Management and Content Creation.


"The foundations Leah has put in place for my business are invaluable and greatly appreciated. Leah's attention to detail was greatly highlighted when working on website content, copywriting and SEO. "

Laura Walsh

Owner - White Feather Boutique

"From the initial message from when I reached out to Leah to the launch of my website, her process was flawless. Leah is incredibly friendly, talented and can always provide the best guidance. She cares so much about a project and puts all her energy into creating something so special. "

Jess Banaghan

Founder - Selffit Coaching
  • White Feather Boutique
  • Selffit Coaching

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