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Are you an early-stage freelancer who’s feeling a little lost and overwhelmed?

I’ve been there.

When I started freelancing 9 years ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

✨ I was constantly trying to find information online

✨I had no idea if I was charging enough for my services

✨I didn’t really know how to manage my taxes properly

✨I let clients walk all over me

✨I was awkward and insecure about putting myself out there

✨I felt I always had to justify my career choice

✨I was constantly second guessing myself and questioning if this was a feasible career for me


Freelancing doesn’t have to be a mysterious alternative to 9-5 work that you only dream about. Yes – it requires a lot of hard work, but it’s completely achievable.

I created the BFF (bullshit free freelancing) Masterclass as a helping hand for those embarking on their freelancing journey. It’s freelancing made simple. I provide you with all of the tools you need to get your freelancing business up and running on the right foot with ZERO bullshit included.

No-bullshit approach!

Leah really knows her stuff and gives great guidance on all things freelancing. She was also really supportive and understanding of my queries. Leah gives a no-bullshit approach to the freelancing world!

Jessica Healy

Virtual Assistant

Super inspired!

I was feeling particularly disheartened and Leah helped me feel better about my services and put a solid plan of action in place for continued success. If anyone is feeling uninspired, feeling like they aren’t progressing as they should or even just need a cheerleader with lots of knowledge – this call is great for that

Laura Matthews

Graphic Designer

Feeling so motivated!

The call was brilliant! Leah really knows her stuff and really does her research before the call. She’s straight-talking and it was kicked up the bum I needed! Feeling so motivated and more confident after it. Leah, you’re just fab!

Éadaoin Tivenan

Digital Marketer

Confidence to make to leap!

The call was an amazing service and so beneficial to myself & my business. I was looking to get advice on finally making the leap as a full-time freelancer & Leah provided me with the tools, knowledge and confidence in myself to just do it!

Laura Quigley

Web Designer & Social Media Manager

Positive and inspirational!

Leah is just as skilled, helpful, positive and inspirational as you would imagine from following her. I can fully recommend this service if you need someone to talk business and plans.

Dora Hurley


Well worth the investment!

We covered so much in the 1 hour call. Leah was able to work through everything I had wanted to discuss and she was very supportive. She made me feel at ease and gave me very helpful suggestions that I am going to implement. It was well worth investing!

Clare Anderson

Web Designer

Get on it!

I’ve taken longer, ‘intensive’ business courses in the past, but came away with more useful and actionable information from this one-hour session with Leah. Get on it!!!

Neal Byrne


It was great!

It was great, Leah gave some great perspective on my situation and really helped to make things a bit clearer.


Content Writer -

Who’s it for?

Early-stage freelancers working in creative service-based industries. You may have just started your freelancing business in the past year or could still be considering it.
You may be feeling a little lost and overwhelmed, and you’re looking for bullshit-free advice to get your business off on the right foot.


It’s a good fit if:

✨You’re thinking about or have just starting out your freelancing career
✨You work in a creative or online service industry
✨You’re feeling a little overwhelmed and could do with some support and guidance
✨You want to turn freelancing into your full-time career
✨You want to learn how to effectively build your business
✨You’re willing to put in the work it takes to start a business
✨You want bullshit free practical advice

What’s included?

✨4 self-paced modules

✨14 video lessons

✨A 63-page workbook

✨Access to the Freelancer Services Directory

✨Templates for Consultations, Contracts, Proposals & Brand Guidelines

✨Additional resources in each module

✨Lifetime access

What does the BFF Masterclass cover?

Module 1: Getting Started

Learn how to get your freelancing ducks in a row. We cover the good and not so good stuff when it comes to freelancing, registering for tax, bank accounts and defining your services.

Module 2: Marketing & Branding

We learn the importance of your personal brand. We work on creating your brand identity and  developing valuable content to attract your dream clients.

Module 3: Clients

We cover how to find your first few clients. We go through the client process, spotting red flags and how to manage your clients once you secure them.

Module 4: Being a Good Boss

We work on developing a plan for you to freelance full-time. We also work on making you the best boss you’ve ever had!

Meet your teacher!

Leah has been freelancing for nine years and has worked with a wide range of clients and within varied industries. She is an experienced Digital Content Creator and Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the Digital Publishing industry. She has produced and created content for campaigns for the likes of Ulster Bank , Heineken , Lidl Ireland and Cadbury. She has also directed a number of short documentary films, which have been screened both nationally and internationally.


She launched her latest business in 2020 and specialises in creative consulting and creating premium websites for businesses around the globe. She launched the BFF Academy in 2021 to make freelancing an accessible career option for everyone. She mentors freelancers through the Freelancer Hotline service and also her new course the BFF Masterclass! She has mentored for Mentor Her Global and has also given talks on freelancing to Universities and podcasts such as Briffa Soundbites and Jess Chattin’.